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Joseph Lees Sr. MM3 133rd Battalion (Seabee)
Living at the time of enlistment: Perrysville, PA
Born: 6/15/1924
Died: 12/22/1992
Served on Iwo Jima

From his son:

I am very proud of my father. I was told by my Uncle that he remembers my dad telling him of being at the site in which the US flag was raised on Iwo Jima.

Richard Lees

Leon McKinley Newsome 133rd Seabees Died February 19, 1945 IWO JIMA

Leon McKinley Newsom

04-15-1924 * 02-19-1945


S1, U.S. Navy – WW II

133rd NCB

This is a group picture of some of the Seabees in Uncle Leon’s battalion.  I do not know when or where it was taken. 

I think Leon is the second from the left on the first row.   

Mary Beth Isom

 During the 26 day battle for Iwo Jima, 133rd NCB suffered 245 casualties, with 3 officers and 39 enlisted killed in action

and 12 officers and 191 enlisted wounded in action.