Robert Ellis Smith
MCB 133 Veterans Association Plank Owner

Robert Smith (middle)
Danang, Vietnam, 1967
The house we built in 2003 and sold in 2007 for a modest profit. And yes, it snows in Texas. Robert and Mary Smith
San Francisco, Ca. 1991

I was with MCB 133 at recommissioning and made the first two tours to Vietnam in '67 and '68. I re-enlisted for 6 while at the Utilitiesman "B" School at Davisville, R.I. between tours. The $10,000 re-enlistment bonus was impossible to resist!

I then went to Kenitra, Morocco for 3 years where I worked in Camp Maintenance. After making E6 I was in charge of the plumbing, electrical and steel worker shops, as well as grounds maintenance and pest control at Sidi Yahia.

I then spent two years in the plumbing shop at Portsmouth Naval Prison in Portsmouth, N.H., during which time I passed the E7 exam but was quotaed. Since Vietnam was all but over and the world was at peace, I figured I'd be an E6 forever, so I took my discharge and moved back to Texas.

I lived in Florida for a couple of years, and Tennessee for a while, but always wound up back in Texas. Tried my hand at the trucking business for a while. At one time my wife and I owned 7 eighteen wheelers. That just means you're going broke seven times as fast as if you only had one eighteen wheeler.

After a trucking related injury in 1986, I went back to school and learned computer programming. I am now in charge of everything computer related at a regional government agency, maintaining about 100 computers. I travel all over 3 counties keeping my people's computers running as smoothly as possible.

In 2007, I am now 64 years old and and live in Sherman, Texas with my lovely red-headed wife, Mary. I have three stepsons aged 22, 25, and 29. I have a son now age 44 (pre-MCB 133) a daughter, 40 (born while I was in Phu Bai, VietNam) and a daughter 37 (born in Kenitra, Morocco) and a whole passel of grand-kids scattered all over Texas, Louisiana and Arizona, and a few great grandkids in Arizona and a new one in Louisiana.

It's 2016. In 2009, the executive director of TCOG decided she had been at the agency for 30 years and that was long enough. So, the new ED came along and did pretty much nothing for 6 months. Then she fired my wife who had been there for 24 years. A couple of months later she fired me after 22 years. I just smiled and thanked her. I was having too much fun to quit, but I was happy to be fired and retired.

We moved to an apartment in Round Rock, Texas for a year. Found a brand new house in a small town east of Round Rock and bought it. We've now lived here for 5 years and are looking for some country land around here to maybe build another house, but we are thinking a double wide might not be a bad idea. I'll update this when we find it.

We now have 5 granddaughters here in Hutto, four of them either live across the street or here with us. It's kinda hard to tell sometimes. Here's a picture of the 4 sisters, and yes, the ones on top and bottom that look like twins are identical twins, now 6 years old and starting school this year.